Welcome. I'm a Toronto fine artist, working primarily in digital media. I have a background in graphite, ink, acrylic and graphic art. I've been instructing fine art for many years at various locations, including Cedar Ridge Creative Centre & Gallery and the Momiji Centre. I exhibit signed, limited-edition prints of my artwork at Toronto galleries and arts festivals. I print my own work, generally no more than three copies of any piece, using archival quality inks and papers. See 'news' for information about registering for classes with me, as well as times and dates of current and upcoming exhibitions.

Click on 'works' to see a selection of my digital paintings. The female form and what it means to be a woman inspire my art. The subjects of my paintings are often immersed in their surroundings, and I love to play with texture. My work also has elements of abstraction combined with subtle surrealism. I'm known for my flapper series and a mural entitled "The Lady of Scarborough Village."

If you're interested in one of my pieces or would like to see more of my artwork please contact me.

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